Quality control

Guaranteed standards of performance

The quality of a product cannot be guaranteed by an innovative machines department only, we believe it has to be verified by appropriate control and measurement instruments. Our constant temperature metrology room is equipped with a wide range of devices:


Dynamic balancer

We use the dynamic balancer to balance the product and make it more performing and durable;

Optical profile projector and 3D Measuring machine
Optical profile projector and 3D Measuring machine

The optical profile projector and the 3D measuring machine allow us to control and calculate complex measurements that are difficult to detect.


To detect the hardness of metals and plastics we use specific durometers;

Roughness meter

With the roughness meter we verify superficial characteristics.

In addition, we test the supports using specific tools that reproduce the customer machine joints.


One of our main goals is to deliver high quality products to our customers. This is how we become more competitive and growth-focused.