Our passion comes from afar

In 1980 the passion and experience of Renato Biasio and his son Gianni gave birth to a small laboratory in their home garage. Renato’s rooted competences along with Gianni’s enthusiasm led that small artisan factory to become a modern industrial business.


We began with different maintenance activities and soon started to produce molds, mechanical parts and plastic molding. That is how the founders reached their ambitious goal of managing the whole productive cycle. Maintaining coherence throughout every productive phase, we obtain high quality results.


Today our main products are:

Stampi ad iniezione e per colata
Injection and pouring molds
Supporti e distanziali per utensili abrasivi e spazzole
Supports and spacers for abrasive utensils and brushes
Particolari meccanici e componenti
Mechanical parts

We operate in the fields of

Marble granite, stone and ceramics
Plastics and rubber
Leather goods and footwear
Agricultural machinery
Amusement parks
Nautical sector

As our history shows, we believe in the importance of innovation and we always invest in new technologies, respecting our traditional values.

From the idea to the final product. The strenght of our company comes from a full production cycle.

We optimize costs and times and guarantee a high level of competence.


We welcome our customers’ requests and find the most appropriate solution with competence and creativity.


We use the best software to carry out the project


We test the functionality and stability of products through 3D printed prototypes.


At the end of the cycle, the idea is actualized in our wide machinery department by highly qualified staff.